jQuery UI Bootstrap 0.2 Released

Today I am happy to announce the release of jQuery UI Bootstrap 0.2. This release includes a number of bug fixes and new additions to the theme and can be downloaded from the release site now.

Fixes Include

  • Compatibility updates for IE8 and IE9
  • Input fields no longer break Twitter Bootstrap grids
  • Inputs of type text/password get uniformly styled
  • Fixes to the modal dialog close buttons
  • Tabs now appear visually closer to those in Bootstrap

New features

A Better Bootstrap-style Wijmo Menu

Thanks to Chris Bannon over at Wijmo, the theme now supports styling Wijmo menu components  with the Topbar menu styles you can find in Twitter Bootstrap. This includes menu drop-downs, text input and more. A preview of the menu can be seen below.

Support for the Filament Group File Input plugin

One of the goals of the theme is to provide a consistent look and feel for as many popular widgets and components as possible (within reason). This release includes support for the File Input plugin which progressively enhances input type=”file” into a slightly more appealing looking file upload component.

If you haven’t used File Input before, it supports customizations such as easily defining icons for the ‘Browse’ button as well as the positioning of the button/text field.

LESS version of the patched Bootstrap CSS files

Users have been asking for a LESS version of the patched Bootstrap CSS used in the theme for a number of weeks. Thanks to @panosru, this is now available in 0.2 under the css/less directory should you wish to use it.

Roadmap and labs previews:

Support for more third-party plugins

Work is currently underway to bring theme-support to jQuery UI Bootstrap for the following plugins:


Tagit is a plugin which tokenizes user input for search and supports autocomplete of each ‘tag’. Below is a preview of the current state of support in the labs version I’ve been working on:


Until the official jQuery UI Grid component is ready, many of us will be relying on third party solutions such as jQuery DataTables or jqGrid. Experimental support for jqGrid in the theme is being worked on at the moment:


Whilst File Input components are great, many modern web applications support multiple file uploads and require something more flexible for handling this. Plupload has been a popular option here for many and @panosru is currently working on bringing support for this to jQuery UI Bootstrap.

If there are any other plugins you would like considered for support, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll consider them on a case-by-case basis.

Improved support for jQuery UI customized widgets

At the moment, whilst the theme provides an excellent style base for those wishing to work with jQuery UI, support could be improved for things like split buttons, buttons with custom icons etc. There have also been requests for transition support, much like what Bootstrap comes with out of the box and all of these are items I’ll be attempting to get done prior to version 1.0.

Support for jQuery UI 1.9/2.0

The jQuery UI team have been working hard on a number of exciting new widgets (such as Spinner and Menu) which are still under heavy development. Once these components have stabilised/reach an alpha release stage, I’ll be adding support in for them in jQuery UI Bootstrap too.


I’m regularly on the lookout for feedback or ideas on how the theme can be improved. If you notice something that could be done better or have a feature request, feel free to post about it in the comments below or here. Cheers!

sumber : http://addyosmani.com/blog/jquery-ui-bootstrap-0-2-released/


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